Way down deep
Coming from what happened
When I was asleep
He had no business
Coming in and touching me
It makes me so angry
I can’t seem to get free
It shocks me over and over
That all this went on
How did it get buried
And buried for so long
I want it all over
Acceptance is the key
Quit hating myself
And learn to like me
It got buried because
It wasn’t safe to come out
Wasn’t safe to be angry
Wasn’t safe to shout
I know it’s all over
Won’t happen again
It’s not happening now
It happened then
I can make my life better
Starting right now
With people who support me
People who’ll allow
Me to be angry
Me to feel hurt
Till I get over this feeling
Feeling like dirt
That I don’t have a right
To live my own life
Concern for others
Was to be the first right
Well my concern right now
Is for me and my kids
That life is better
And we can get rid
Of the pain in our lives
Be happy right now
Make friends who respect us
Friends who allow
Us to be ourselves
And I can find work that’s fulfilling
But not above all else
Contentment and peace
I want in my life
An end to the feelings
That bring me such strife
The feelings won’t end
But balance will come
As I take each step slow
And try not to run
Balance out my present
As I deal with my past
I’m not sure how to do it
I’ve always gone too fast.