What are the issues that brought me out here

There are so many — I can’t seem to get clear

Growing up in that home — was it so bad?

The feelings I stuffed — make me so sad

Court is another thing that’s on my mind

Decisions, decisions — is this the time?

Why would I do it — it makes me so mad

Is it for me or to get back at Dad

Hearing from my daughter and what she’s gone through

Hell turns to horror — what can I do?

Social Assistance — is this the way?

Feeling so useless — days seem so grey

I want something better for me and my kids

How can I do it when I’m feeling the shits

So much anger fills my insides

But the pain is harder to get out the cries

What did I do to deserve such a mess?

It was nothing I did — I just need a rest

Stretch and Calvin, the priest thrown in

Will a civil suit make up for the sin?

No — I don’t think — that word doesn’t fit

Shows how the past hits the present real quick

No wonder I think it’ll take me a year

To sort out beliefs and become really clear

A page and a half doesn’t begin to describe

The pain of it all that’s still locked inside.