Pure exhaustion is what I feel

The pain of it all is so unreal

Feels like someone hurt me bad

Don’t know who and that is sad

Is it one or is it all

Wonder in time, will I recall

Parts of my life that I had to erase

To keep on surviving what took place

Day after day of needs not met

Night after night if I could have wept

It’d be easier now — much less pain

I wouldn’t feel like I’m going insane

No one there to hear me cry

I learned early — don’t even try

If I did — go to your room

or Watch out — Dad’ll be home soon

Give it a rest — some would say

Just shut up — go out and play

No one to listen — no one who cared

If you were good, didn’t have to be scared

Couldn’t be scared, couldn’t be mad

Couldn’t be happy, couldn’t be sad

Could be tired and that’s what it’s like

Connecting with the girl who’s been out of sight.