I was so down
Didn’t even know it
Feeling the pits
Wasn’t even showing it
Going for walks
So I wouldn’t feel so blue
Desperately searching
For something to do
Needed someone to listen
Someone who cared
For a girl who was hurting
A girl who was scared
My arm is feeling
The pain she was in
When I was hurt
By my next of kin
Words hurt as bad
As touch that was wrong
Who would have thought
The scars would last this long
But put-downs and should-haves
That I heard through the years
Left wounds that are opening
And coming out as my tears
Tears I am crying
To get out the pain
With hope that someday
I’ll feel like living again
This time it’s much harder
Than it has been before
Is it because it’s family
It hurts to the core
Families are supposed
To be there for you
I think mine missed
Don’t want it to be true
Want to make excuses
Why it was so bad
Could they have done better
This is so sad
No matter what good
They tried to do
When it counted the most
They weren’t there for you
A girl who was hurting
So deeply inside
Had no one to turn to
Even if she had tried
I feel so disloyal
Talking like this
Didn’t I learn
How to have bliss
Forget it, say nothing
Leave it alone
You should be happy
You have such a home
I can’t change it now
It happened back then
I’m feeling it now
As if I were ten
I hope it’s soon
All behind me
So I can live
In peace and be free
I am so tired
From crying for hours
The tears I hope
Are like rain showers
That wash all the crap
And dirt off the street
And give me the chance
For me to meet
The girl who was lonely
Day after day
The girl who would have liked
Someone to play
Someone to laugh with
Someone to share
Someone to cry with
Someone who cared
Maybe she’s finding
What she needs now
Someone to support her and
All her cries allow.