The universe knows and so do I
Why I hurt, why I cry
Why the days drag on and on
Why all my energy is gone
Right now what I need to know
How to get muscle pain to go
Makes me wonder what’s inside
What my body feels it has to hide
What can I do to get it gone
It’s been with me for so long
If I go out and pretend I’m okay
Then I pay for it all, all the next day
Today I’m tired, tired and sad
I’m feeling down, dirty, and bad
Life is the pits is all I can say
I’m paying the price so others could get their way
Paying the price for what they did
To me as a child — I was a kid
It happened to me — what a breakthrough
Explains why it’s tough and I’m so blue
It used to feel like it was someone else
Who had been hurt — not myself
Now I know that it really was me
Who was hurt over and over — now I see
I’m getting in touch with a part of me that was dead
It hurts so much — no wonder I dread
All these memories of what happened to me
They’re all locked up, trying to get free
But it’s never been safe for them to come out
Before this I would have been in doubt
That it was something I did or didn’t do
Well it wasn’t me — it was you
You who hurt me over and over again
By using me — again and again
I didn’t have a dad or mother you see
Who were there just for me
I’ve accepted that — I’m on my own
Now my parts can all come home
Parts that have been scattered all about
Parts that were scared and full of doubt
That I’d be there just for them
And now I don’t have to do it again
Act as if they’re someone else
They are parts of myself
I am here just for me
So all of me can really be free
Free to cry, to laugh, to sing
Free to do just anything
It’ll all come right in time you’ll see
If I’m always there — there for me.