How do I change
Beliefs that are strong
That long ago
It was me in the wrong
Do I keep saying
It was nothing you did
It wasn’t your fault
You were just a kid
A kid who had
Too much on her plate
I worked really hard
But life wasn’t great
Too many rules
Too much to do
Too much expected
For a young girl it’s true
The rules were all hidden
Beliefs the same way
It’s hard to explain them
How they affect me today
No matter what happens
These days that go wrong
I’m scared right away
It’s my fault all along
Feelings of fear
Are affecting each day
No wonder it’s hard
To relax and just lay
Around my house
And not work so hard
That was a rule
Be on your guard
I know it’s time
to sort good from the bad
Throw out the useless
Connect with the sad.