Flashbacks of emotion

No pictures in mind

But know they’re from

Another place and time

Feel so little

Nothing I can do

To stop the pain

It’s coming through

Don’t want a label

Of what’s wrong with me

I know it’s a part

Of what happened to me

A part that’s waited

So long to come out

A part that’s scared

And full of doubt

A part whose longing

For someone to hear

The pain she’s held

Year after year

When someone listens

And quietly affirms

The terror she feels

And how her heart yearns

For love wrapped so gentle

In a soft spoken word

She’ll feel oh so cared for

And know she is heard

She’ll join other parts

Of me that were dead

They’ll start playing together

Joy and laughter instead

Of the sorrow and tears

That’s inside me right now

I just have to listen

And all her cries allow.