Now the tears have come
Not really sure what they’re from
Is it missing church or missing God
Missing community or is that God
Never sure of anything
Another loss to grieve again
I can decide from here on in
Where my life goes and who is kin
But every change brings a loss
Of what is no more and what a cost
It not only touches the sadness now
But the grief and pain I couldn’t allow
Because I believed the church was everything
Place to find God and take away sin
But it’s only a building and soon I said
I am church — I need to be fed
Image was more important to the church than me
Over and over I heard hypocrisy
Words would say one thing, actions another
No one had faith or trust in each other
Everyone loses when communication ends
I still want what I asked for but am willing to bend
Everything is always tied together
Allinblack, the church, God, my brothers
One doesn’t end, another begins
No wonder the pain is so deep within.