Life is such torture, such agony, such pain
Abuse kills the spirit
At least now I can name
A wrong that was committed
Against me and my life
It’s wreaked havoc for years
Caused unending strife
My kids pay for it
Just as much as I do
No wonder I’m angry
For all I went through
I know I’m speaking up
Like I couldn’t before
Maybe it’ll dissipate this anger
That comes right from the core
The core of myself that till now was so dead
I want to feel free — start living instead
Of always being down — depressed — not free
Never feel right about just being me
I’m okay and I always was
It’s others who aren’t and just because
They weren’t loved or had been abused
They had no right — it doesn’t excuse
What they did to me or anyone else
It’s time I stood up for me, myself
It’s time we stood up and said this is crap
We’re not taking any more — just stand back
But before I can do — do for the rest
I need to take care of me — I need a rest.