Life is hard and yet so good
I can’t help what I feel
Because it’s there ready or not
To be exposed
I only hope the time is right
For me to see what’s been there
All along
Coming together to make me strong.
So many parts scattered about
The time has come to bring them home
It’s happening in my dreams
And in all the people that I’ve seen
Is this fun?
A new part comes into the sun
No wonder I say
This part’s good
But does the bad have to be so bad?
Dealing with Stretch
Then with Dad
Calvin phones and I’m just so sad
My teeth clench
It’s all so vile
This is my life
Tastes like bile
I’m sick of it, want it out
My head held high
It’s not my fault
Nothing I did or will ever do
Makes up for what they did to you
Did to you makes me mad
They did it to me; no wonder I’m sad
I’m just not sure what they did
But it pisses me off; I was just a kid
A kid who was treated like a slave
A slave to all, who always gave and gave
A kid who needs time to herself
That she deserves
Because she’s worked for her health
And even if she hadn’t done a thing
She deserves the best of everything
I deserve more than the best
I deserve just like all the rest
The rest I see who have been abused
Each one precious, a gem unsmoothed
A gem in the rough is what’s inside
I will take the time to polish her bright
Till the flame inside can never burn out
But become brighter still for those in doubt
But I can never be there for anyone else
Till I first take care of me and myself
and I.