The vulgarness of it all fills my insides
What it’s been like to live in a cage
Not knowing if I can get through the day
Without crying for hours or simply can’t say
At night it’s the nightmares or sleep that won’t come
The frustration — not knowing which abuse that it’s from
I don’t care if nothing more comes back
What’s come until now hasn’t been slack
It’s worked its way up so my mind could see
What it needed to do to set me free
Stand up and speak out — put an end to abuse
If we don’t, it’s children who’ll lose.
My Muscles remember
I’m in so much fucking pain
It comes and comes and comes again
Lying here thinking, what’s it about
What can I do — scream or shout
To get it all out — to set me free
My muscles are trying to do it for me
My heart is aching — my back’s in pain
My neck so rigid — there are knots again
Is it to do with Calvin and what he did
I hate it so much — just want to get rid
Now the pounding’s taking off in my brain
Maybe it’s time the memories came
The memories I’m missing of so much of my life
Memories as a child and some as a wife
It must have been horrible what I went through
I know that it certainly wasn’t my due
I deserved better than to be abused
My body is filled — filled with truths
Its shaking now, trying to tell me
What I need to do to set it free.