I’m fucking sick of this
Feeling so rough
It’s descended again
That I’m not so tough
Tough as nails
I had to be
To keep on doing
What was meant for me
Nails don’t feel
Just automatically do
They are driven
And I was, too
Driven to do
Things beyond my years
Do it all
And with no tears
No complaining
And whatever I did
Wasn’t good enough
You’re just a kid
Why did I have to do
Those things anyhow
They weren’t my job
Why did I bow
To all the pressure
I got from you
I had no rights
Not even a few
I’m supposed to appreciate
What you did for me
I’m struggling with what
I don’t feel free
I feel tied with guilt
As if I’m in chains
Want to break free
Of all the games
The games that what we have
Is certainly enough
All should be happy
Do you need a cuff?
Smarten up there
Keep your hands to yourself
I wasn’t able to
Stand up for myself
I couldn’t speak up
Even say a word
What really was happening
Or what I had heard
Your word was gospel
We couldn’t even try
To speak against it
I don’t know why
Obey your parents
And look at the cost
Here I am hurting
Finding the one who was lost
She’s coming out
To speak of her pain
I have to listen
Again and again
Because the hurting
Went on for years
And I guess I stored
My share of tears
I wanted understanding
I wanted it then
I’ve needed it badly
Since I was ten
Searching for happiness
In all I did
Searching for love
Since I was a kid.