Desperation and loneliness
Live side by side
Desperately searching
And I can’t hide
From feelings that take me
Close to the rim
Of a bottomless pit
Of pain deep within
It’s like a long-lasting storm
Raging wind, driving rain
When it’s all over
Is there something I’ll gain
Can’t stand the pain
I see in the world
Reminds me of pain
In my inner world
Feeling so helpless
Like not a thing I can do
To make it right
For all you went through
There’s so much sadness
Frustration inside
Feelings of loss
Like somebody died
My teeth always gritting
Am I holding them in
The words that could tell
The pain that I’m in
One second I’m happy
Then the tears want to come
It’s all so confusing
What is this from
I have an idea
Get excited about life
Then despair knocks me sideways
Fills me with strife
Someone asks How’re you doing
The tears start to fall
But they shut down so quickly
I think is this all
How do I get
The pain and sadness all out
I need people around me
So not alone and in doubt
That I’ll wake up one morning
And it’ll all be my fault
This struggle I go through
For the truth to win out
This struggle I go through
To get the pain out.