When I’m in that house and I’m only seven
If I do good I will go to heaven
If I don’t and if I be bad
I will make my dad so mad
I am scared of what he might do
If he finds out about me and you
I’m older now, I should know better
And all you want is under my sweater
You told me that this is okay
Everyone does it so you’d get your way
All I wanted was to be liked by you
Well, I got used by the likes of you
It hurts inside — there are no scars to see
From what went on between you and me
I hate myself for letting you do it
Now all I want is to just get through it
The feelings of loss — that never leave my side
And the search for someone in whom to confide
The ugliness and sorrow that I feel inside
Doesn’t go away — I’ve tried and tried.