I know that family is important to me
But it’s most important that I can really be me
That I can tell how sad it’s been
How I was hurt by next of kin
I can’t be there for anyone else
If no one’s there to hear myself
I want my kids, my nephews, my nieces
To know it all, to hear the pieces
To know it’s okay that if it’s rough
You don’t have to try and be tough
You as a kid have no reason for shame
It’s not your fault if you’re in pain
There is no reason to live in fear
You really matter; each of you is dear
I care that the hurting doesn’t go on
You deserve the best; it isn’t wrong
To share your anger, to share your tears
To share your sadness, to share your fears
I hope you keep searching until you find
People who support you who are really kind
Someone who listens; someone who cares
And is non-judgemental whatever you share
People who treat you with the utmost respect
Your opinions matter; it’s what I hope you get
And if you can’t find someone to listen
It’s OK — you have your own inner wisdom.