Hear me cry
Heaven isn’t here
I want to die
Dying’s giving in
To what they said
To breaking silence of the dead
The dead in me that used to be free
It’s all locked up
I have the key
The key of love
Unlocks the chains
Of a girl in torment
A girl in pain
I want to store up
Memories for you
Memories of kindness
Love and truth
So as I go
About my day
I think of you first
Let you have your say
Say it out loud
Out loud and clear
How you were hurt
By those so dear
I was hurt
Hear me cry
A part of me
Wants to die
There I was
Living in fear
Living in fear
Year after year
Well now I take
Good care of me
I want to be happy
I want to be free
I can’t be free
If I can’t sing
So listen to me please
I have something to tell you.

Am I ready to listen
To my heart sing
To put me above
Over everything
My work, my glory
My wanting to be loved
My fear of reprisal
From God above
From all the shoulds
And what I ought to do
Am I able to say no
And to mine own self be true
I’m ready to sing
In three part harmony
Layers of dirt
Will fall off of me
And as I shed
My skin of shame
I won’t feel like
I am going insane
As I speak out
The torment and pain
The fear will come out
The terror and shame
I’m ready to listen
I’m ready to sing
I’m ready to listen
I’m ready to sing.